PuntiaVera® Nopal Powder (Opuntia ficus indica)

The True and Effective Organic Nopal

Product Code: NOFIPM120-O

PuntiaVera® Nopal Cladodes Powder is simply dehydrated and milled, 100% Organic Nopal (Opuntia ficus indica). It is a good source of dietary fiber and contains high molecular weight polysaccharides. Many investigational studies have led researchers to determine that Nopal as a whole food has compounded health benefits. PuntiaVera® Nopal is a good source of pectins, its unique mucilage is beneficial to the digestive system.

Natural Superior Quality Nopal Powder
Grown in North America
A Good Source of Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
High MW Polysaccharides
Ideal for Formulation in Weight Management Meals
Low Calorie Food

Certified Organic, Controlled drying inside food-grade facility

Quality Assurance
Microbial counts, moisture content and particle size are carefully controlled through proprietary processing techniques with rigorous testing of every batch.

PuntiaVera® (Opuntia ficus indica) is a vegetable that is consumed daily in many parts of the world including North America where it is a popular vegetable with Latino populations. It has been consumed in the EU prior to May 1997 and is exempt from the EU Novel Food procedure. References have also been made in literature in 1992 of it's consumption as a food in Europe. (Flores-Valdez, 1992)

PuntiaVera® may be used in many applications including:
Baked Foods
Personal Care
Fiber-rich Foods

Weight Management
Nearly half of the dry powder mass of Nopal is indigestible fiber, which provides benefits to our digestive tract. A good source of amino acid, vitamin and mineral content makes Nopal an effective and nutritious low-calorie food ingredient.

Gastrointestinal Support
Nopal is a good source of soluble fiber, mucilaginous polysaccharides and unique glycoproteins, which provides benefits to the Gastrointestinal system.

Revision Date: 09/14/2011